That sounds perfect! I hate having those talks too

Oooh I am glad you saw this! I know you posted about having a similar issue a while ago.

yeah… multitasking never was his strong suit… the good news is, is that if they really care they work hard to change (but change comes slowly)

I’ve done it. I’ve a made my lifestyle blog. There is nothing on it but my intro post. If any of my followers are interested message me or something if you want to follow that blog instead. I’m going to make that one my main blog. 

I think I want to have an actual blog.

Like I want to talk about everything that interests me and I feel that this starting out as a Korea blog has really pigeon-holed this blog and I don’t want to make into into a lifestyle blog. I’ll analyze some German poetry and think some more about the blogger I want to be.

So ready for spring and tutoring in my cute casual (yet professional) #ootd #lebunnybleufan @lebunnybleu #pink #orange #selca #redlips

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So ready for spring and tutoring in my cute casual (yet professional) #ootd #lebunnybleufan @lebunnybleu #pink #orange #selca #redlips

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ellen is coming to my uni tomorrow but it’s all secret secret about everything regarding said visit.

i’m not a huge fan but seattle rarely gets a celeb that isn’t secret secret and undercover in the san juans with north faces and beards so… i’m really excited!


creativity like “yo”,

attention span like “no”.

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it’s only 330pm. i can do so much with all this time but for some reason i’m disappointed it’s not later…

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being domestic while listening to “Princesses Behaving Badly”

everyone should hear about these ferocious ladies.