Went to this awesome tea cafe called ‘Tea Therapy’ with my cousin yesterday. *♥* They first give you like this flow chart thing to follow, and ask health related questions. (e.g. Do you sweat a lot? Do you tend to gain weight?) And some weird ones… (e.g. Are you able to easily attain a lover?)

So basically you end up with either a red,yellow,green, and I think the last color was brown, plus sign. And the on the menu, every tea drink is coordinated by the colored plus signs, to show which drink would suit your body most.~^^ it was quite interesting.

They even sold medicine and had foot soaks on this wooden platform. It seems like a very chill place to work. My cousin got 오미자 and I got the “peace of mind” drink (which is suitable for all 4 colored plus signs actually~^^).

I love cute Korean cafes.♥

I want to go here.

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